Women’s Sport #470 White/Purple

Presenting the BSI Women’s Sport #470 Bowling Shoes – Where Athletic Design Meets Uncompromising Comfort and Durability!

Experience the fusion of sporty style, unbeatable comfort, and unwavering durability with the BSI Women’s Sport #470 shoes. Designed for those who appreciate athletic aesthetics and top-notch performance, these shoes are crafted to ensure not only style but also supreme comfort and the perfect slide.

Key Features:

Athletic Elegance: Sporting a sleek White/Purple color scheme, these shoes effortlessly blend athletic aesthetics with a touch of elegance, making a statement on the lanes.

Lightweight Powerhouse: The lightweight yet robust rubber outsole provides a sturdy foundation for your every move, ensuring lasting performance and durability.

Breathable Knit Fabric: The warp knitting upper fabric enhances breathability, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable even during the most heated matches.

Steady and Stable: With a smooth rubber heel, these shoes offer stability, ensuring you maintain your balance and form throughout your game.

Microfiber Slide Soles: Equipped with microfiber slide soles on both shoes, you can achieve a consistently smooth and controlled slide, enhancing your precision and skill.

Luxurious Comfort: Treat your feet to the extra plush insole and sock lining, ensuring unparalleled comfort and support during long hours of play.

The BSI Women’s Sport #470 Bowling Shoes are a testament to the marriage of athletic design, exceptional comfort, and unwavering durability. Whether you’re a dedicated bowler or just starting, these shoes will become your trusted allies on the lanes. Embrace athletic elegance, enjoy superior performance, and elevate your game with BSI.


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