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You should know in advance that working for Virtue Bowling Supply isn’t just a clock in, clock out kind of job. You are joining a team of like minded people. We all have a passion for two things. Bowling and helping people enjoy it. If you are ready to learn, laugh and grow the sport of bowling with us, check out some of the posistions we are hiring for!



Virtue Bowling Supply was opened in February of 2013 by Josh Blanchard and Craig Spencer. Both had been in the pro shop industry for 10+ years and worked alongside a variety of other pro shop owners and operators. Josh is originally from Southern California and moved to Arizona to marry his wife Aimee in 2012, but owned his own pro shop in California prior to moving to Arizona. Craig was a long time Arizona local and had deep roots in the Arizona bowling community as a competitor and pro shop operator. Josh’s skills, accomplishments and relationships have risen him to international notoriety doing clinics and competing all over the world. Of course that level of notoriety makes it difficult to always be in the pro shops, which is where Craig comes into the picture.  Craig is able to access the inside info and cutting edge information that comes from Josh’s travels and apply it to the day to day operations at Virtue Bowling Supply, where Craig serves as an area manager of their multiple stores.

Being younger than most other pro shop operators, Craig and Josh partnered to offer something they both felt had been missing in a commonly outdated bowling pro shop industry. Their goal was to offer a “New Standard” of pro shop services and information that was up to date with the sports latest research and development. Bowling culture, products, and tools are advancing at an extremely fast pace, which is why they not only focus on a “New Standard” for today’s customers, but constantly invest in the staff’s education and development so that each time you step into one of our stores you are getting a constantly progressing “New Standard” that has been elevated since your last visit.

For a complete breakdown on Josh, Craig and the rest of the VBS staff, click here.


Our mission is to grow the sport of bowling. We believe the key to make that happen is caring deeply about our customers and their experience with the sport. Knowledge is incredibly important, we invest a lot into getting the latest information and techniques to our staff and customers. However, nothing is more important than caring. Someone can have all of the knowledge in the world, but if they don’t care enough about you and your experience with bowling, then that knowledge is useless. The key is your experience with bowling, not just your experience with a certain pro shop.

This was evident in 2013 when we opened and did something that wasn’t an industry standard at all. We watched people bowl before picking out a ball for them. At that time the strong majority of pro shops would ask the customer to explain their style and how they like to bowl. We were the firsts in our area to make it common practice to watch customers bowl at no additional charge. We have taken it further by being an area leader in offering prodcut demos where customers can come out and test out the industries latest and greatest bowling balls at no additionial cost. Yes, these things do cost us addtional time and money, but we are confident that these kinds of things really help insure that a customer picks out the perfect bowling ball. When they do that, they will bowl higher scores, enjoy bowling more and fall in love with the sport in the same way we have. 

Our mission is to grow the sport of bowling by caring about leagues, tournaments, the community and each customer. 

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