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SST 8 Power Frame Boa White/Black Men’s Bowling Shoes

The Dexter SST 8 Power Frame BOA bowling shoes offer several innovative features to enhance your performance on the lanes. The Power-Frame KPU overmold upper provides additional reinforcement to the shoe’s fabric, ensuring a longer lifespan. The patented SST technology is designed to accommodate both right and left-handed bowlers, making them versatile and suitable for all players. The BOA Fit System with disc lacing allows for quick and precise adjustments, providing a snug and comfortable fit. The shoes also include a leather toe drag protector, which helps prevent slide sole peel back, and they come with a removable S8 slide sole and H5 saw-tooth heel on the slide shoe. Additionally, one shoe protector is included to help maintain the condition of your shoes. These features combine to offer convenience, durability, and improved performance on the bowling alley.


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