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Raquel IV White/Pink Women’s Bowling Shoes (DISCO)

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance with the Raquel Ladies bowling shoe from Dexter. This versatile shoe is designed to meet the needs of both RIGHT and LEFT-handed bowlers.


The soft and durable man-made upper ensures a comfortable fit and provides support throughout your bowling sessions.

Fully fabric-lined with a padded tongue and collar, this shoe offers extra cushioning and support for maximum comfort.

The lace-to-toe upper pattern allows for a custom fit, ensuring a secure and adjustable feel during your approach and delivery.

With the non-marking rubber outsole and defined Horseshoe heel, you can enjoy excellent traction and control on the lanes.

For smooth and controlled slides, the Raquel Ladies shoe features S8 microfiber slide soles on both shoes, promoting precision and consistency in every shot.

Step up your bowling game with the Raquel Ladies shoe, where comfort, durability, and performance come together for an exceptional bowling experience. Whether you’re a RIGHT or LEFT-handed bowler, this UNIVERSAL shoe is the perfect choice for anyone seeking style, support, and reliability on the lanes. Embrace the joy of bowling with confidence, knowing you have a shoe that delivers on every front.

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