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Phaze V Pearl (DISCO)

The Storm Phaze V is a high-performance bowling ball designed with an aggressive R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock and a symmetrical Velocity Core, this ball delivers powerful backend motion and exceptional hitting power. The Phaze V’s low RG chassis and 1500-grit polished finish allow for effortless shot quality, while the ball’s strong mid-lane read and controllable angular motion make it a versatile choice for a variety of lane conditions. This ball is not a remake of the Phaze IV, but rather an entirely new construction that has quickly become a favorite of bowlers around the world. The Phaze V comes in an arctic, sapphire, and slate color scheme with a blueberry crumble fragrance, and is available in weights ranging from 12 to 16 pounds. With the Phaze V, you’ll be able to achieve pure, unchecked tournament-winning power on the lanes.


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