High Speed Hybrid

Introducing the Columbia 300 High Speed: Unleash Velocity, Master Performance

Columbia 300 has always embraced the pursuit of excellence, and now we’re answering the call for more speed with the High Speed release. The Speed lineage burst onto the scene, marked by a triumphant TOC victory, and the subsequent Top Speed release introduced the world to HK22. Today, we proudly expand the Speed legacy with the arrival of the High Speed – a ball that’s set to redefine performance expectations.

Setting the Pace:

The Speed series isn’t just a name; it’s a promise of remarkable performance. The High Speed inherits this legacy and enhances it further. From the outset, it’s clear that this release is engineered for those who crave velocity, demand precision, and refuse to compromise on excellence.

A Fusion of Power and Innovation:

The High Speed is a culmination of brilliance and innovation, introducing a hybrid incarnation of HK22 merged with the Formula 1 additives that catapulted the Top Speed into greatness. This dynamic blend creates a harmonious synergy – one that empowers the High Speed to deliver remarkable motion down the lane and a powerful continuation through the pin deck.

Ball Specifications:

  • Part of the Speed Line
  • Hybrid version of HK22
  • Infused with Formula 1 additives for exceptional performance
  • Hybrid Coverstock for optimal mid-lane motion
  • Phenomenal continuation through the pins
  • A testament to Columbia 300’s dedication to speed, precision, and performance

The Columbia 300 High Speed isn’t just a ball; it’s a paradigm shift in your bowling experience. Prepare to conquer the lanes with unmatched velocity, masterful precision, and the unrelenting pursuit of perfection. This is the embodiment of speed – where innovation meets power, and your journey to greatness accelerates. The High Speed: Ignite Your Performance, Elevate Your Game.


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