Dexter THE 9 Slide Sole – S6 Blue Microfiber SST

T.H.E. 9 Shoe Features:

  • Toehold | Hyperflex | Engineering: Incorporates a revolutionary design that combines the features of Toehold, Hyperflex, and Engineering.
  • Durability and Flexibility: Reinforces the high-stress areas of the shoe to prevent wear and cracking while delivering exceptional durability and flexibility.
  • TOE HOLD Outsole System: Features an abrasion-resistant compound designed to resist toe drag breakdown.
  • HYPERFLEX CHANNELS: Includes two state-of-the-art channels on the sole that allow for free flexing and stretching, ensuring unparalleled comfort and flexibility.
  • Extended Shoe Life: The exceptional flexibility and durability of the shoe help extend its overall lifespan.

T.H.E. 9 Replacement Slide & Traction Soles:

  • Individually Packaged: Each replacement sole is individually packaged.
  • Sizes:
    • XX-Small: Fits Women’s shoe sizes 5-6
    • X-Small: Fits Men’s shoe sizes 6.5
    • Small: Fits Men’s shoe sizes 7-8.5
    • Medium: Fits Men’s shoe sizes 9-10.5
    • Large: Fits Men’s shoe sizes 11-12
    • X-Large: Fits Men’s shoe sizes 13-15


For Canada & International shipping outside the US, please contact us for a quote.


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