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Cuda PowerCor Pearl

Building on the success of the Cuda PowerCOR solid, Columbia 300 proudly presents the Cuda PowerCOR Pearl, a thrilling addition to their lineup. This new release combines the nostalgia of a throwback name with cutting-edge technology, capturing the attention of bowlers and delivering impressive results.

The Cuda PowerCOR Pearl incorporates the coveted HK22 technology in a sleek and shiny package. Responding to the demands of bowlers, Columbia 300 has paired HK22 with a strong symmetric core in the Cuda PowerCOR Pearl, offering a winning combination. This version of HK22 utilizes ERT Pearl additives, ensuring optimal length on the lane while providing a powerful kick on the backend.

With its pearl coverstock and advanced additives, the Cuda PowerCOR Pearl delivers an exceptional combination of length and backend reaction. Bowlers can expect the ball to glide effortlessly through the front part of the lane before unleashing its explosive energy on the backend. This translates to increased pin carry and an impressive pin action that leaves a lasting impact.

The Cuda PowerCOR Pearl allows bowlers to experience the benefits of HK22 technology, known for its high performance, in a shiny and eye-catching form. Prepare for ideal length and a significant backend kick, setting the stage for remarkable shots and exciting results.

Join the ranks of satisfied bowlers and embrace the power of the Cuda PowerCOR Pearl. Columbia 300 continues to raise the bar by combining timeless charm with innovative technology, and this latest release promises to be another crowd-pleaser. Step up your game with the Cuda PowerCOR Pearl and experience the exhilaration it brings to every roll.

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