Black Widow Large Grip Sack

The Hammer Black Widow Large Grip Sack is a fantastic addition to the popular Black Widow series. Designed to complement the Black Widow line, this grip sack offers excellent functionality and style.

Crafted from microfiber material, the grip sack provides exceptional moisture absorption. It efficiently absorbs sweat and moisture from your hands, helping you maintain a dry and secure grip on the bowling ball. With maximum absorption capabilities, the grip sack ensures that your hands stay comfortable and free from excess moisture throughout your bowling sessions.

Not only does the grip sack excel in performance, but it also features the iconic Black Widow logo. This adds a touch of style and showcases your affinity for the Black Widow series. The large size of the grip sack allows for easy handling and ample space for your hand, ensuring a comfortable grip.

Whether you’re a fan of the Black Widow series or simply looking for a high-quality grip sack that offers maximum moisture absorption, the Hammer Black Widow Large Grip Sack is a top choice. It combines functionality, style, and the trusted Hammer quality to enhance your bowling experience.


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