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I started bowling when I was 14 years old, and really got started because I wanted to get out of the scorching Arizona heat. I moved to Arizona from Chicago when I was 12 years old, and wasn’t quite ready for the “dry heat”. I had a friend who bowled and gave me an old ball of his and once I was able to start throwing a hook, I was “hooked”. I eventually met John Conoway who would be my mentor, so to speak, for a number of years. I got into more competitive leagues where I met some of my long time friends. I eventually ended up bowling my first 300 game at 21 years old with a Hammer Hawg at Desert Sky lanes. I was able to get some more 300’s but didn’t crack the 800 barrier until 2015. It was worth the wait though as it was a huge 800 series with 260, 300, 299 for 859. That was with a Roto Grip Hyper Cell skid, which is still one of my favorite balls of all time. I still have success in terms of scoring, and average in the 220+ range, but have learned that it’s really all about the people. I enjoy being able to bowl with my good friends and have a good time. Through this, I was very excited to be hired as a Brunswick Regional Staff Member in 2015, which allowed me to be a part of another fun bowling community, Team Brunswick.



11x 300 Games
2x 800 Series


  1. Favorite thing to do outside of bowling and why?
    My favorite thing to do outside of bowling is spend time with my family, shoot pool and play cards with friends. I have been thinking about playing golf too. I like all of these things because they give me the chance to also socialize and enjoy the people i’m with while doing the activity.
  2. Favorite movie of all time and why?
    Favorite movie would definitely have to be Liar, Liar! I love Jim Carey and I think he is at his best in this movie. 
  3. Sports fan? favorite teams? and why?
    I’m not a huge sports fan but, bulls for basketball, cubs for baseball and of course…. vikings for football! “skol!” I grew up in Chicago and those are all of the “home” teams for me.
  4. Your favorite thing about your job at Virtue and why?
    I love working for virtue because we thrive to be the best, everyone constantly wants to keep learning.  I also enjoy being able to extend my knowledge and help other people either enjoy bowling more or improve at bowling.
  5. If you had to describe your personality in one word, what would it be?
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