VIP ExJ Sigma

Introducing the VIP ExJ Sigma, a limited-edition masterpiece crafted in collaboration with Triple Crown winner EJ Tackett. This exceptional bowling ball combines EJ’s favorite core, the Sigma, with a pearl cover to deliver an extraordinary performance on the lanes. Handpicked by EJ himself, the compact Sigma core provides easy revs, giving you unparalleled control and versatility.

The VIP ExJ Sigma features the Dynamic Infusion Pearl Reactive coverstock, known for its fast revving action and adaptability on medium oil conditions. MOTIV has tweaked this coverstock to be slightly stronger in the oil, precisely catering to EJ’s desired ball motion. The result is a balanced blend of control and angularity down the lane, making it an exceptional choice for various lane conditions.

This ball caters to different bowling styles, making it a must-have for a range of bowlers:

  1. Speed Dominant Bowlers: If you’re a bowler whose speed outpaces your rev rate, the VIP ExJ Sigma is your go-to pearl for later in the day or during the latter part of your bowling session. Its low rg pearl construction with moderate differential ensures optimal performance when you need to move left on the lane.
  2. Balanced Bowlers: Enjoy the versatility of the VIP ExJ Sigma, as it can serve as your ideal pearl ball in a balanced bowler’s arsenal. When you require some assistance through the front part of the lane while maintaining control, this ball has you covered.
  3. Rev Dominant Bowlers: For bowlers with a high rev rate who typically favor pearl covers due to the avoidance of early ball roll, the VIP ExJ Sigma is likely to become your benchmark ball. It’s perfect for building an arsenal of clean and smooth reacting balls, making it your go-to choice on moderate oil conditions.

EJ Tackett’s discerning eye and preference for a blending ball that makes a statement both on and off the lanes led to the striking color palette of violet, purple, and black pearl, adorned with pink and silver pearl NeoMark logos.

Unleash the power of the VIP ExJ Sigma and experience the unmatched control, versatility, and performance it brings to your game. This ball is a testament to the skill and expertise of EJ Tackett and MOTIV, making it a must-have for bowlers looking to take their game to the next level.


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