TruCut Sanding Pads 6″

Introducing the TruCut by CtD Pads, the ultimate solution for bowling ball surface maintenance. Specifically designed for bowling balls, these pads offer numerous benefits that enhance performance and consistency.

With their longer-lasting durability, TruCut pads outshine the competition. They provide a true cut to the intended grit, resulting in an optimal surface texture that resists “Lane Shine.” This ensures consistent ball reaction and improved overall performance on the lanes.

The TruCut pads are not only effective but also reusable and easily cleaned. Their open weave design allows for efficient removal of debris, keeping the pads in prime condition for extended use. Whether sanding dry or wet, these pads offer excellent control and precision.

To maintain clarity on the pad’s grit, we recommend using a permanent marker to label it before use. This ensures easy identification and helps you stay organized during your ball maintenance routine.

Upgrade your bowling ball surface maintenance with TruCut by CtD Pads and experience enhanced durability, true cutting action, and improved performance on the lanes.


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