Solar III 1 Ball Tote Black/Royal

Introducing the BSI Solar III Single Tote, the ideal bag to fulfill your basic bowling requirements. This single tote bag is designed to carry one bowling ball, a pair of shoes, and a few accessories, making it a convenient option for bowlers.

With its functional design, this tote bag provides ample space to accommodate your essentials. The main compartment securely holds one bowling ball, ensuring its safety during transport. Additionally, there is a dedicated compartment to store a pair of shoes, keeping them separate from your ball.

The bag also features a zipper pocket, allowing you to keep a few accessories within easy reach. Organize your small items such as wrist supports, towels, or gloves for quick access during your bowling sessions.

Available in a variety of colors, the BSI Solar III Single Tote allows you to choose a bag that perfectly matches your gear. Express your style and personal preferences while ensuring your bowling essentials are securely stored.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the BSI Solar III Single Tote. This bag meets your basic bowling needs, offering a compact and functional solution.


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