Evolution Elevate Ball Cleaner

Introducing Evolution Elevate™, the cleaner that rises above ordinary options with its unique two-pronged attack on dirt, oil, and surface grime. This powerful cleaner combines a foaming action and encapsulation technology to provide a deep and thorough clean for your bowling ball.

Evolution Elevate™ effectively removes dirt, oil, and scuff marks from the surface of your ball. Its foaming action goes beyond standard liquid cleaners by penetrating deep into the pores of the ball, allowing for a more vigorous and thorough scrubbing action. The foam then encapsulates the contaminants, lifting them away from the surface and into your towel, ensuring a clean and refreshed ball.

Regular use of Evolution Elevate™ helps prevent the heavy build-up of dirt, oil, and grime, thereby prolonging the life of your ball. By keeping your ball clean and well-maintained, you can ensure it performs at its highest level, allowing you to excel on the lanes.

Evolution Elevate™ is safe for use on all ball types, so you can confidently clean your plastic, polyester, urethane, or reactive resin balls without worry. Its thick and rich water-based formula is designed to produce a lather that effectively tackles contaminants.

One of the advantages of Evolution Elevate™ is its low odor. The dense foam it produces generates fewer airborne vapors compared to other cleaners, creating a more pleasant and breathable environment for you and your teammates.

Achieve the ultimate clean for your bowling ball with Evolution Elevate™. Its foaming action, encapsulation technology, and low odor make it a superior choice for maintaining the performance and longevity of your ball. So, pop that bubbly and experience the winning results with Evolution Elevate™.


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