Columbia 300 Non slip Grip Cream

Experience a solid grip with Columbia 300 Non Slip Grip Cream. This original formula is designed to provide bowlers with a reliable and consistent grip on the ball. Whether you’re a professional or a casual player, this grip cream is a game-changer.

The Non Slip Grip Cream is specifically formulated to absorb moisture, ensuring maximum dryness and minimizing any potential slipping. By keeping your hands and fingers tacky, it helps you maintain control and stability throughout your bowling session.

No matter how intense the game gets, Columbia 300 Non Slip Grip Cream will keep working to enhance your grip. Its reliable performance and moisture-absorbing properties make it an essential tool for bowlers who strive for precision and consistency.

Don’t let a lack of grip hold you back. Trust in Columbia 300 Non Slip Grip Cream to provide you with the solid grip you need for every throw.


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