Big Time Special Edition Pearl

Introducing the Big Time Special Edition: A Timeless Classic with a Modern Twist!

The Big Time Special Edition pays homage to the original with the same core shape and iconic colors that bowlers have cherished. This ball is set to become your favorite benchmark choice on the lanes.

While maintaining the cherished color scheme, we’ve given the Big Time Special Edition a contemporary update. It features a dynamic blend of the HK22 cover and GB 13.7 additives, setting the stage for exceptional performance. This revamped classic seamlessly complements the current Ebonite line-up, offering a symmetric pearl design with a matte finish, perfect for medium to heavy oil conditions.

When bowlers are seeking that elusive, earlier and stronger mid-lane motion, the Big Time Special Edition steps up to the plate. It’s your go-to choice when you require superior control and performance, surpassing even the Emerge or GB4 Hybrid. Step up your game with this iconic yet contemporary addition to your bowling arsenal.


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