3G Sole #4 DeerSkin Leather

The 3G Solid Deer Skin Sole, also known as Slide 4, offers a middle sliding range among the series of soles available from 3G. If you’re seeking a sole that provides a balanced level of slide, this option is worth considering.

The solid deer skin construction of this sole provides a smooth and controlled slide on the approach. It offers a moderate amount of glide, striking a balance between slide and traction. This allows for a controlled and consistent approach while providing some maneuverability on the lanes.

As with other 3G soles, the 3G Solid Deer Skin Sole is designed for easy replacement. You can change them out effortlessly without the need for specialized tools or equipment. This convenience allows you to adapt to different lane conditions or fine-tune your slide preference while at the bowling alley.

By choosing the 3G Solid Deer Skin Sole, you can enjoy a reliable and balanced level of slide during your approach. It’s an excellent choice for bowlers who prefer a sole with a moderate sliding range to optimize their performance on the lanes.


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