3G Heel Rippled White

The Velcro-attached breaking heel is an excellent choice for bowlers who require maximum braking power during their approach. With its design offering the least amount of slide among the 3G Heels, this option provides enhanced stopping ability and control.

The heel features a convenient Velcro attachment on the bottom, allowing for easy removal and replacement. This means you can quickly switch out the heel while at the bowling alley, without the need for additional tools or assistance. The simplicity and convenience of the Velcro attachment make it a user-friendly option for bowlers on the go.

By utilizing this breaking heel, bowlers can effectively control their slide and reduce the risk of over-sliding. The increased friction and reduced slide distance help bowlers maintain stability and execute their shots with precision.

Overall, the Velcro-attached breaking heel with the least amount of slide is an optimal choice for bowlers seeking maximum braking power. Its ease of use and ability to be changed quickly make it a practical solution for adapting to different lane conditions and fine-tuning your approach while at the bowling alley.


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