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3G Cleated Soles

The 3G Cleated Sole offers unparalleled customization for your bowling slide. With its range of cleat options, you can adapt to various approach conditions and tailor your slide to your specific needs.

The Teflon Cleat is designed for maximum slide, providing a smooth and gliding motion on the approach. It offers excellent performance when you need extra slide for a powerful delivery.

On the other hand, the Back Skin Cleat is ideal for situations where you require minimal slide. It offers a higher level of traction and grip, allowing for better control and stability during your approach.

With the multiple cleat options available, you have the flexibility to choose the level of slide that suits your preferences and the lane conditions. You can select from a range of cleat combinations, placing them strategically to achieve the perfect balance of slide and grip.

By utilizing the 3G Cleated Sole, you can fine-tune your slide and optimize your performance on different surfaces and lane conditions. Enjoy the benefits of customizable slide options and experience enhanced control and consistency in your approach.


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