3G Adjust A Heel

The Adjust-A-Heel option is a versatile choice for bowlers who want customizable slide options. It features a rubber heel base that serves as the foundation, and it comes with three slide inserts that can be attached using Velcro. The inserts included are:

  1. Felt (gray): This insert provides a moderate amount of slide. It is suitable for bowlers who prefer a balanced slide on the approach.

  2. Deer Skin (cream): This insert offers a slightly lower amount of slide compared to the felt insert. It provides a bit more control and is ideal for bowlers who need a smoother slide.

  3. Back Skin (orange): This insert has the least amount of slide among the three options. It offers maximum traction and is suitable for bowlers who require minimal slide on the approach.

The Velcro attachment makes it easy to switch between different slide inserts based on your preferences and the lane conditions. You can adjust the slide properties of your heel quickly and conveniently to adapt to various surfaces.


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