Influencer Application

Below you will find the application to become a Virtue Bowling Supply bowling influencer. Don’t let the term confuse you, this isn’t only for social media platforms. We are looking for anyone that has a positive influence on bowling. We are looking to provide discounts, and access to exclusive events and products to those people having a positive influence on bowling to help them further grow the sport and it’s overall appeal. What kind of people are we looking for?

  • Do you organize leagues, tournaments, youth programs or any other organizational aspects of growing the sport.
  • Do you make the league experience more fun by being a fun, educational¬† or charismatic part of the league?
  • Are you a 200+ average player that always has a good attitude during league and tournament play and acts as great mentors or role models in the league and tournament environments?

If you believe you fit any of these kinds of descriptions, feel free to apply below. We look through applications and approve or deny on a quarterly basis. Thanks for your interest and support!

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