Vault Ball Cup Guard Black/Orange

The Vault™ Ball Cup Guards are designed to protect your bowling balls inside roller bags. These self-adhesive pads can be easily applied to the hard plastic ball cups inside your bag. They feature a combination of high-density EVA foam cushion and a low-friction felt surface layer.

The high-density EVA foam cushion provides a protective barrier, ensuring that your bowling balls are shielded from impact and potential damage while inside the bag. The low-friction felt surface layer allows you to spin the bowling balls within the cups without the risk of scratching or damaging the surface.

The self-adhesive feature makes it easy to apply the guards to the ball cups securely. They have a 5″ diameter, providing ample coverage for most ball cups. The guards are available in two colors: Black and Black/Orange, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your style or bag.

By using Vault™ Ball Cup Guards, you can protect your valuable bowling balls and maintain their condition while transporting them in roller bags.


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