TPC Alpha Black/Gold Unisex Bowling Shoes

Introducing The Perfection Collection (TPC) – Engineered For The Best Bowlers In The World. The Perfection Collection goes beyond delivering exceptional bowling shoes. Our mission is to help bowlers achieve their own version of perfection. When you choose a pair from this collection, you not only get top-quality footwear but also gain access to an exclusive online community, educational content, and exclusive events. We are committed to assisting bowlers in becoming their best on the lanes, and every aspect of this collection is designed to make that happen.

Let us introduce you to the Alpha model. It features a high-quality single piece knitted upper with a TPU molded heel stabilizer, ensuring both stability and an enhanced fit. The traditional lace-up design incorporates a higher tongue and heel for a comfortable and secure fit. The lightweight and extremely flexible Thermal Polyurethane (TPU) outsole provides excellent performance. Padded Lycra lining adds an extra level of comfort. The shoes are biomechanically contoured for a perfect fit and optimal performance, and they require minimal break-in time.

The Alpha model also boasts an innovative H-Bar heel locking system and a NEW Ortholite High Rebound molded insole, offering prolonged comfort and durability. In addition, it includes alternate <6886> trim matching shoelace and comes with a 2-Year Warranty.

Each box of the Alpha model includes various parts to enhance your bowling experience. The slide foot shoe comes with a genuine Clarino® #8 white microfiber slide pad and a #5 graduated rubber heel. The push foot shoe is equipped with a T02C rubber crystal rubber push-off sole (fixed) and a #2 shark tooth heel. That’s not all – we provide over $70 worth of parts in every box, including a #10 grey felt slide pad, a #6 perforated white microfiber slide pad, a #7 black leather heel, a TPC branded Dura-Flex shoe cover, a large TPC branded valuables pouch, a TPC bag tag, and a TPC welcome letter.

The Perfection Collection (TPC) is the ultimate choice for bowlers who strive for greatness. Elevate your game, connect with a passionate community, and embark on the path to perfection with The Perfection Collection.


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