Tank Yellowjacket Solid

The Tank Yellowjacket is a high-performance bowling ball designed by MOTIV to provide exceptional control and versatility in challenging bowling environments. It features a microcell polymer (MCP) coverstock with MOTIV’s Duramax™ additive, which offers a strong urethane-like shape while being adaptable to finish adjustments.

The Frixion™ Mark 5 Solid MCP coverstock of the Tank Yellowjacket sets it apart by incorporating Duramax™ technology. This technology enables the ball to resist lane-shine and maintain its finish profile for a longer period. With its 1000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan Sanded) finish, this aggressively sanded bowling ball offers superior performance. However, what makes the Tank Yellowjacket unique is its tunability for high friction environments that require a higher finish and enhanced energy retention.

The ball’s desired motion is achieved through the Flux core, which has an ultra-high RG (Radius of Gyration) and low differential. This core design minimizes down-lane motion, allowing the cover texture to determine when the ball reads the lane. This feature provides bowlers with the ability to make timely adjustments based on lane conditions.


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