Sean Rash & Bryanna Cote Clinic & Meet & Greet

🎳 Introducing the Ultimate Bowling Clinic with Sean Rash and Bryanna Cote! 🎳

Have you ever dreamt of perfecting your bowling game under the guidance of true legends in the sport? Your dream is about to become a reality with the extraordinary opportunity to join Sean Rash and Bryanna Cote, two bowling superstars, for an unforgettable bowling clinic!

πŸ† Sean Rash: Bowling’s Bad BoyπŸ† Sean Rash’s name is synonymous with fearlessness and mastery on the lanes. As a PBA Tour champion, he has left an indelible mark on the world of bowling. With a career filled with accolades, including multiple titles and international recognition, Sean Rash’s expertise and experience are unparalleled. This is your chance to absorb his insights and techniques up close and personal!

πŸ† Bryanna Cote: Queen of the Pins πŸ† Bryanna Cote’s journey from a rising star to a bowling queen has been nothing short of extraordinary. With numerous championships and a reputation for precision and consistency, Bryanna has become an inspiration to bowlers worldwide. Learning from her could be the key to unlocking your full bowling potential.

🎟️ What’s Included: 🎟️ For just $99.95, you’ll gain access to an exclusive bowling clinic that’s the envy of enthusiasts everywhere. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. On-Lane Instruction by the Pros: Spend time looking at your technique or arsenal with personalized guidance from Sean Rash or Bryanna Cote. Gain insights into their strategies and refine your skills like never before.
  2. T-Shirt: Receive a free, stylish Virtue Bowling Supply t-shirt as a keepsake from this extraordinary event.
  3. $20 Discount on Same-Day Purchase: Get $20 off any same-day purchase at the event, whether it’s equipment, accessories, or services.
  4. Raffle Ticket Entry: Participate in a raffle for the chance to win exciting prizes! Your entry is automatic and adds an extra layer of excitement to this remarkable experience.
  5. Exclusive Early-Bird Raffle: Register by 9/30/23 to enter an additional raffle with exclusive prizes tailor-made for early registrants that include bowling balls and autographed jerseys.
  6. Meet, Greet, and More: Spend an hour mingling with Sean Rash and Bryanna Cote, capturing precious moments in photos, receiving autographs, and enjoying the company of these bowling legends.

πŸŽ‰ Don’t Miss Out! πŸŽ‰ Secure your spot today for this once-in-a-lifetime bowling clinic experience with Sean Rash and Bryanna Cote. Learn, improve, and connect with the best in the sport. Limited 40 spots available, so act swiftly to ensure your place at this unforgettable event!


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