Motiv Flex Tape – Slow Release – Orange

The Motiv Flex Protective Performance Tape in Orange is an essential tool for enhancing your bowling performance. With its innovative design, this tape not only protects your skin from blisters, cuts, and irritations but also improves the fit of your bowling ball for a more comfortable and controlled grip.

Key Features:

  • Color: Orange
  • Quantity: 40 pieces
  • Slow release speed: Provides a controlled release for improved accuracy and consistency.
  • Skin protection: Shields your skin from potential blisters, cuts, and irritations caused by friction.
  • Fit improvement: Enhances the fit of your bowling ball by filling gaps and creating a more secure hold.
  • Release speed control: The orange color signifies a slow release, allowing you to fine-tune your release for optimal results.
  • Strong adhesive: Features a very strong adhesive that securely attaches the tape to your fingers or thumb without leaving excessive residue.

Whether you’re a professional bowler or a casual enthusiast, the Motiv Flex Protective Performance Tape in Orange is a valuable addition to your bowling gear. Experience improved comfort, control, and performance on the lanes with this high-quality tape.


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