Hustle Wine Pearl (DISCO)

he Roto Grip Hustle Wine is an entry-level bowling ball designed for both novice and advanced bowlers, and is engineered to perform well on light to medium oil conditions. It features the medium RG, medium differential Hustle Core, which offers control and stability while delivering an overall performance motion. The VTC™ Coverstock is specifically formulated for the HP1 and HP2 lines to provide outstanding performance, control, and versatility without being too aggressive. The ball has a cranberry/merlot color and a 1500-grit polish finish. The Hustle Wine is a favorite among two-handers and rev-dominant bowlers, giving them a nice move on the back while still being predictable. The ball is a great choice for both new bowlers and experienced bowlers needing a ball they can trust on drier conditions. The ball was released on July 23, 2021.


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