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Top Notch

Merrell Hughes

I had bowled a couple of Strike Force Tournaments after taking about 10 years off from competitive bowling and I saw all of the Virtue Bowling shirts and met the owners of Strike Force so I decided to go down and check out the shop. I hadn't bought a new ball for a while and I was looking for something specific to add to my bag. When I came back and I was talking to Tim, he had me throw a few shots with my current equipment and asked me what I was looking for the ball to do and react and also what type of shot I was wanting to use it for. This was by far the most in depth experience I have had with a pro shop. Tim chose the Ebonite Warrior and it was drilled perfectly. The ball does exactly what I want it to do even on dryer lane conditions and I look forward to working with this shop again and learning about the new equipment. Thanks again to Tim and Virtue Bowling.

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