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Paul Wilkerson - 290 and $1,000!

Paul Wilkerson - 290 and $1,000!

Paul Wilkerson is a customer that drives all the way from the west side to see us. Customer's that drive past other pro shops to come see us is what makes our effort so rewarding. Paul came to us the first time looking for a new benchmark ball. We did what we always do with our first time customers, we took him out to the lanes! After watching his style, finding his PAP, and talking to him about what kind of reaction he feels most comfortable with we decided to drill him a 714C with a 45* x 4.5 x 40* layout and a P3 hole. The ball combined with an extensive amount of effort that Paul has put in working on his game, we helped the 175 average bowler bowl his highest game ever of 290 and the very following weekend with the same ball, win the SFT AHT Lakeview Lanes $1,000.00 Championship. The 714C got him his highest game and highest cash prize ever in the same week! Great bowling Paul! Thanks for letting us be a part of your success!

Ball Used: 
Track 714C
Date Bowled: