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George Dayton Shoots Sport Sanctioned 300!

George Dayton Shoots Sport Sanctioned 300!

George Dayton has been working on his game quite a bit since moving to Arizona from the east coast. He didn't get to bowl on a lot of sport patterns on the east coast, but was very excited to be in an area that demanded more versatility. He struggled at first on the sport patterns but has recently shown that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. In the Strike Force Tour Kegel Summer Challenge league, George bowled a nice sport sanctioned 300 game with a Roto Grip Uproar that we drilled him. It had a 70* x 5 x 40* layout and was the right choice for him on the 2014 USBC Open Championships oil pattern used in the team event.

There are tons of people with 300 games but not nearly as many with a sport sanctioned 300 game! We couldn't be happier for one of our best customers and dearest friends! Congrats "Georgey"!

Ball Used: 
Roto Grip Uproar
Date Bowled: