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Dominic Corirossi

Bowling Bio: 

I started bowling at a very early age. I'm not certain, but pretty sure that my parents got me into it at age 3 because my dad was the manager of a bowling center and I was to young to run the streets lol. Even though I have done it for so long, it isn't something I get tired of at all. Bowling has allowed me to meet some of my greatest friends and make some of my best memories. I love the sport because no matter how good you get, you can always improve. My goals at one point were to bowl a 300 game and 800 series, but now they are more like trying to better my mental game as far as equipment and staying focused and calm during tournament play. I always have and always will love learning more about the game, which is a huge part of getting involved with working with Virtue Bowling Supply. I was drawn towards the job because of how much I knew it could teach me as a competitor. I also get to use that information to help my son, who also loves bowling, to improve his game as well. My wife bowls as well, but we all know how wives listen to coaches that are their husbands lol.  I have only just begun competing in bigger events and really enjoy it, so far some of my accomplishments include.




Top 11 finish finish at Roto Grip Challenge

Top 3 finish at SFT AHT

Various cashes in city, state and national tournaments


Get To Know Your Driller: 

1.Favorite thing to do outside of bowling and why?

When I am not on the lanes I enjoy spending time with my amazing family and traveling. So far, out of country I can only stamp off Jamaica, but plan to fill more pages.

2. Favorite movie of all time and why?

As far as my favorite movie.. if you know me you'd  know I'm a huge Rocky Balboa fan!

3. Favorite bowling ball of all time and why?

4. Sports fan? favorite teams? and why?

When it comes to sports I enjoy watching just about every sport or even learning new ones. I am lucky to have a wife who is the same,even knows more about sports than most! 
*Los Angeles Dodgers 
*Los Angeles Kings
*Arizona Cardinals

5. Your favorite thing about your job at Virtue and why?

I am new to the Virtue family and plan to soak up as much knowledge as possible from such good people.

6. If you had to describe your personality in one word, what would it be?

If I would have to describe my personality in just 1 word...