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About Us & Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Welcome to Virtue Bowling Supply's website! There is no doubt that selecting the right pro shop for all of your bowling needs is paramount. Speaking from a combined 20 years of experience in the bowling industry, no two pro shops do it the same. Each pro shop operator has their own approach to customer service. At Virtue if you want to know what we are all about, you only have to look above at our slogan, "The New Standard". We strive in every way that you can imagine to be the "The New Standard" of customer service in the bowling industry.

You may ask, "That sounds great, but what does that mean for me"? It's simple, we offer the highest levels of knowledge and expertise by high level bowlers that are extremely active in the bowling community as competitors and ambassadors. When that resource is combined with our excessive passion to be the absolute best at what we do, we simply can't be matched. We encourage you to come see what "The New Standard" of customer service feels like by visiting one of our locations or by reading our testimonials.

About Us

Virtue Bowling Supply was opened in February of 2013 by Josh Blanchard and Craig Spencer. Both had been in the pro shop industry for 10+ years and worked along side a variety of other pro shop owners and operators. Josh is originally from Southern California and moved to Arizona to marry his wife Aimee in 2012, but owned his own pro shop in California prior to moving to Arizona. Craig was a long time Arizona local and had deep roots in the Arizona bowling community as a competitor and pro shop operator.

Josh was named the PBA rookie of the year just prior to the opening of Virtue Bowling Supply and was establishing a well known presence on the PBA tour. His worldwide recognition in the bowling industry combined with Craig's established relationships in the Arizona community made them a great resource for the Arizona bowling community. Josh's move to Arizona happened at the same time as Craig losing his current pro shop employer. The two decided to work together on a what they soon realized was a very common vision, creating "The New Standard" of customer service in the bowling industry. For a complete breakdown on Josh, Craig and the rest of the VBS staff, click here.