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800 Club

Jeremy Opp Fires 830!

Jeremy is one of those guys that is always bowling honor scores, but 800 never gets old. Jeremy just came aboard the Virtue team when we opened our new location at Mesa East Bowl. We are excited to have someone on the team that has such a high level of striking ability. He used two very aggressive layouts on his Ebonite Honor (55* x 4-3/4 x 35*) and Game Breaker 2 (60* x 4- x 30*). He has always loved throwing Ebonite equipment and it is pretty clear why.

Wes Marema Fires 800 with Zero Gravity

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Wes is an avid bowler who gives it his all every time he steps on the lane. You won't find anyone who has the passion or cares about their teammates like Wes. On Thursday night at Via Linda, Wes took the lanes and fired games of 259-279-266 with the Storm Zero Gravity for an amazing 804 series. We can only imagine that Wes gave one of his patented slap outs after the last shot. Great Bowling Wes, and thank you for trusting us with your equipment.

Charlie Presinger bowls first ever 300 & 800!

Charlie Presinger bowls first ever 300 & 800!

Charlie bowls league at Brunswick Gilbert XL in the Construction Men's league. After bowling against VBS's own Josh Blanchard in the league he decided to come give us a try. We watched him bowl a little and talked about what he wanted to see out of his new bench mark ball. We decided to go with a Columbia 300 Antics with a 65* x 4.5 x 40* layout. For Charlie's style the ball gave him an aggressive but smooth and predictable ball motion.

Rusty is an 800 machine!!

Rusty is an 800 machine!!

Rusty's story was a pretty impressive one. He should really have multiple achievement posts, but he had so many in such a short period of time that we just had to put them together in one post. Rusty has always been a great bowler so we were excited to be able to drill a ball for him. The first thing he wanted to try was our advertised oval thumb specialty. We dialed up his thumb measurements on our digital gauges and drilled his oval thumb right on the press.

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